The Kolours of Kovid

A community of salon-professionals for those affected by COVID, composed of those in need and those who have the means to help

Countless salon professionals are going through difficult times during the pandemic from either a lack of work, becoming sick themselves, or because of an extensive recovery journey. Our kommunity seeks to be a judgment-free resource by being able to connect those in need with those who have the means to support. Whether it's the need for food, care supplies, or financial assistance, we can do it with your help.

By becoming an active member in our community forum you are pledging to help your fellow industry peers to make it through these tough times. If you are a salon-professional who can help your peers, or are a business/brand who'd like to partner with us, click the button below to join us and start the conversation.


We're Calling On You To Support Our Salon-Industry Peers

"During my time battling COVID in the hospital, and even now during my continued recovery journey while at home, the outpour of support I received combined with my first hand experience with COVID inspired me to shine a light on the unique hardships that stylists face during this pandemic. Now, I’m calling upon stylists, beauty industry brands, and small businesses to come together and pool our resources for stylists in need during these unprecedented times."

- Keya Neal

Founder of Kolour Kulture and Kolours of Kovid


How You Can Make a Difference in The Kommunity

Whether you're in need or have the means to help your industry peers, we need your generosity to help us provide for those within our industry who are struggling due to these unprecedented times.


The Kolours of Kovid support kommunity is a free-to-join resource to connect salon-professional in need with those who have the means to help. Join with the button below. 



If you are a brand or business we'd love to welcome you to the kommunity as a partner. Click the button below to join our kommunity and receive additional partnership information.