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A weekly Kolour Kourse that takes a deep dive into the world of color with thorough theory, chemistry, and techniques. This GREEN educational series will help you truly understand the inner workings of color to better position you to create preferences and be an effective colorist!
Each week, Keya will facilitate a study session and effectively deliver the color theory in a way that you can understand.  You will be required to complete assignment and assessments that will be evaluated when certification is CONSIDERED
Your advancement depends on YOU and your efforts.  The question is 

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What People Are Saying:

““Let me say this and I know you hear it alot from others you are inspiring out here....BUT Honestly Hun as long as I've known you and watched how you flourished and now to become apart of your gifted craft that I've seen you work so hard to get to I am truly Amazed at how far you've come! Not to mention I've been arou d alot of "Big Timers" but the way you EDUCATE is sooooo Relatable to this Craft! We Need more educators like you honestly especially in the Schools! You definitely have a gift to share for us and I've been to many classes but the way you relate and explain the knowledge especially it being on COLOR is nothing I've ever seen or witnessed”.”

Angela Phrench

““I feel so confident now to do it in the salon without sweating and praying or turning clients away because the anxiety of color was so intense...thank you again!!!!””

Keisha Pratt

“"This is not being taught any where but at KolourKoaching! She has taken me back to reconstruct the foundation of color I never learned. The illustrations given, are mind blowing revelations! I get it! Ive been terrified of color so I'm grateful very grateful!"”

Kia Rucker

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